I spent 11 years as a high school football coach and five years as a head coach. Throughout my coaching career, my primary focus was always to get the best out of my team by being there for them every day. I was always available to supply emotional and spiritual support. Unfortunately, there never seemed to be anyone there supplying me, the leader, with the same level of support.

I was blessed in 2010 to have Jason enter my life as that sounding board, emotional and spiritual supporter, and friend. As a representative of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes and Coaches of Excellence, he was there to coach a coach. Leaders are often neglected because they spend so much of their time helping their own teams that they don’t address their own needs. I have found this to be true in the business world as well as the coaching world.  Jason was a tremendous blessing in my life while I was coaching, and he continues to be a close friend and mentor to this day. Any organization, coach, business, or leader would benefit from having him affiliated with their program. He will always be a part of my organization.

High Performance Coach Review
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