I met Jason in 2009 when I lived in Bradenton, Fl coaching at Lakewood Ranch High school where he was apart of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes. Jason has helped me in a variety of ways personally as a man, husband, and coach. He has helped me realize God’s calling on my life as a coach isn’t just about wins and losses. Even now that I’m coaching in Georgia a lot of what I have learned from Jason thru the different programs he has exposed me to I still apply. Now I’m seeing the fruits from the labor of the work in Florida with my former players. The relationships that I have with my former players go a lot farther than X’s and O’s, they remind me of conversations that I had with them about life and how they apply it in their lives now. Jason has helped me grow as a husband as well to see my strengths and weaknesses and to understand how to be a better husband. Jason is one of the key people that have helped me over the years get to 24 years of marriage this past June. I thank Jason for his continued friendship and mentorship over these 11 years.