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I have known Jason Golden since about June of 2010. His daughters were very young at the time and played soccer and basketball in the league.

Jason joined our league as the Chaplin to help us be the hands and feet of Jesus as we provided character-focused sports opportunities for the kids and families in our community. Jason focused mostly on our flag football leagues. However, the relationships with our coaches are the area he felt most passionate about.

Jason is passionate about investing in the lives of coaches to influence the impact they have on the kids they coach.

He uses biblical principles and scriptures to convey the character values that coaches should be grounded by rather than the win at all cost mentality that is so common in sports and coaching today.

I met Jason in 2009 when I lived in Bradenton, Fl coaching at Lakewood Ranch High school where he was apart of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes. Jason has helped me in a variety of ways personally as a man, husband, and coach. He has helped me realize God’s calling on my life as a coach isn’t just about wins and losses. Even now that I’m coaching in Georgia a lot of what I have learned from Jason thru the different programs he has exposed me to I still apply. Now I’m seeing the fruits from the labor of the work in Florida with my former players. The relationships that I have with my former players go a lot farther than X’s and O’s, they remind me of conversations that I had with them about life and how they apply it in their lives now. Jason has helped me grow as a husband as well to see my strengths and weaknesses and to understand how to be a better husband. Jason is one of the key people that have helped me over the years get to 24 years of marriage this past June. I thank Jason for his continued friendship and mentorship over these 11 years.

I met Jason Golden while Coaching Varsity Football at Booker High School, back in the early 2000s. I instantly found him to be VERY sincere, caring, and PATIENT, in his desire to come alongside us both individually, and as a staff, as we endeavored to win Football games and teach young men how to work hard and develop discipline (or at least that’s what I thought I/we were supposed to be doing). At the time, little did I know, that Jason, with such subtlety, would have such a tremendous impact on my life, and the life of the kids I would Coach, over the next 20 years.

Jason introduced me to, by modeling, what it meant to be a SERVANT…what walking in HUMILITY looked like, and what it meant to SACRIFICE. He helped me to see that Coaching was my Ministry…a gift from God…an opportunity or platform for me to display the Kingdom of God…the love of God…to both my student-athletes and my Coaching Colleagues. As a gift, and to use as a tool, Jason provided me with The Coach’s Bible…designed to help me develop and to overcome when challenges arise. This Season will be my 24th Season Coaching Varsity Football…having been blessed to also Coach, Basketball (boys and girls), Baseball, Weightlifting, and Track and Field, for various lengths of time, along the way. Not only do I still have it, but I carry that Bible with me, to this day…in and out of Church, and wherever else I choose. Even when I changed locations/schools, Jason continued to walk with me.

In 2010 I moved to and began Coaching Varsity Football in Athens, GA, at Clarke Central High School. Just before my departure, Jason led me through a Coaches Bible Study, entitled R12…which unbeknownst to me at the time, would surely become VERY significant, in a VERY short amount of time. Soon after arriving in Athens, I learned that Jason had established contact with a young man named Jack Murphy…Jack served in the same role as Jason…and according to their conversation, Jack was to make my acquaintance right away (and that he did). You see, despite being approximately 8 hours apart (by car), Jason’s service unto me and demonstration of love for me continued on.

Within two weeks, and despite being the newly hired, Jack challenged me to lead staff through the R12 Bible Study…and of course, Jason was behind the whole thing! Reluctantly, yet by faith, I accepted the challenge, and over the next 12 weeks, watched God transform our staff…our individual and collective relationships, as well as our relationships with our players. One year later I returned to the Sarasota area, after accepting a Varsity Football Coaching job at Sarasota High School. And within days of my arrival (yes, you guessed it), Jason stopped by.

That was about 9 years ago, and I have yet transitioned again, to Venice High School, as a Varsity Football Coach…and through all the changes, one thing has remained the same…Jason Golden. He’s the consummate Servant Leader…lover of God…lover of men…builder of Christ-like character…driven to discipleship.

I spent 11 years as a high school football coach and five years as a head coach. Throughout my coaching career, my primary focus was always to get the best out of my team by being there for them every day. I was always available to supply emotional and spiritual support. Unfortunately, there never seemed to be anyone there supplying me, the leader, with the same level of support.

I was blessed in 2010 to have Jason enter my life as that sounding board, emotional and spiritual supporter, and friend. As a representative of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes and Coaches of Excellence, he was there to coach a coach. Leaders are often neglected because they spend so much of their time helping their own teams that they don’t address their own needs. I have found this to be true in the business world as well as the coaching world.  Jason was a tremendous blessing in my life while I was coaching, and he continues to be a close friend and mentor to this day. Any organization, coach, business, or leader would benefit from having him affiliated with their program. He will always be a part of my organization.

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Don Purvis Broker/ Owner Beach House Real Estate

Jason has been an integral part of my programs since I’ve been a Head Coach.  I appreciate his steadfast and unwavering commitment in serving the needs of our program and staff.  It is a pleasure calling Jason Golden a friend.

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Brett Timmons Head Football Coach Southeast High School, Bradenton, FL

In a true embodiment of ‘iron sharpens iron,’ Jason takes fundamental elements of his Christian faith and meshes those with practical applications for assisting the physical, mental, and spiritual development of his clients.  Jason demonstrates a true concern for my total well-being – not just through the exercise regimen he promotes, but also through his day-to-day care for how I, as well as my family, are handling life’s challenges in general.  In a world all-too-often defined by distance and a lack of consideration, Jason is committed to connecting with people, improving peoples’ lives, and helping everyone reach their fullest God-given potential.”

Coach Golden understands what it takes to help leaders get to the next level. He equips, engages, and empowers them to impact their own sphere of influence. He helps coaches, community representatives, and business leaders to multiply their impact by helping them in their personal development.  Having coached college for 14 years, I know what type of leaders are needed to be successful on the field and in the community. Coach Golden provides essential tools to push leaders to grow themselves to influence others.

High Performance Coach Review
Renee Lopez, M.E.S.S. Author of "Looking for A FULL RIDE" An Insider's Recruiting Guide, Certified Speaker, Trainer, & Coach John Maxwell Team/Jon Gordon Company